I Marched

I went back and forth over taking the kids with me to the Women’s March On Washington. I thought it would be important for them to experience and neat for them to say they were there when they are older. But I also knew that August would have a tough time with the crowds and noise and Halligan would hate being in the carrier or stroller all day because I couldn’t risk her bolting. So I left them at home with Adam while I bussed to DC with my sisters.
We saw so many families with small children. Even though I knew I made the right decision in leaving them home, they were on my mind the entire day. I asked Adam to keep them up a little late so I wouldn’t miss saying goodnight since we left before they woke up this morning.

I walked in the door and Halligan jumped up and screamed, then cried for the three seconds it took me to walk across the room and scoop her up. She wrapped her arms and legs around me in a full-body hug. As perfect as the March felt, the highest point in my day was sitting on the couch with Halligan in my lap and August snuggled into my side, hugging both of my babies.
I marched because, like all parents, I want my children to be able to get everything they want out of life. I don’t want their gender or the way their mind works to ever be a hindrance on that. I marched because I have been lucky enough to have children when I wanted to have children and not to have them until I was ready. I marched because I want the world I leave my children to be better than the world they came into.
I also ate pizza. Today was a good day.

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