Today, I Love You

Preschool is a right ol’ sonabitch. I’ve been trying to get us all used to a new routine and having an unreasonably hard time motivating myself to do much of anything besides mindlessly clicking through the internet while August is at school and Halligan is napping. I’ve got a few posts I’m working on at the moment, and I’ve got footage for a video that has me super excited. Get excited. But not too excited because I haven’t even had time to watch what I filmed and it might be crap. But fingers crossed it is not crap.

Anyways, I thought I could fill the gap with a good ol’ Today, I Love You. Enjoy, dummies.

Today, I Love You


Relaxed Hi-Lo V-Neck Linen Tee


This t-shirt from Old Navy is my new favorite. You can dress it up. You can wear it with leggings or jeans like I’m doing right now for the second time this week because I love this shirt. I have it in dark red but it comes in several other colors, and it is flattering as hell. I like shirts like this in the tall size because then they run a little longer than usual.

Roasted Corn and Zucchini Tacos


I’ve been talking up this recipe to anyone who will listen, and to anyone walking away from me with their hands over their ears while they scream “I SAID I DIDN’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE GODDAMN TACOS.” These are too important for me to observe social courtesies. Easy prep, not a ton of clean up, healthy, and tacos. Plus, they’re meatless, so if you’re into that, this is gold.

Fall Lip Colors


This is MY TIIIIIME. I love fall. Basic white girl over here. As soon as the seasons changed, I whipped out Wine Tour by e.l.f. It’s cheap and it’s moisturizing and it makes me feel a little goth and then people don’t try to interact with me in line at the grocery store and for that, I am thankful.

Harry Potter Audiobooks


Almost every year around this time, I start hitting up my local library for audiobooks. The windows in my car are up so I’m not blasting music as much as in the summer, and we are close enough to the election that my blood pressure can’t handle any more NPR. Listening to the HP books in the car is a personal fave. I’m especially in the mood for them right now because I’m going to a Harry Potter bachelorette party in California at the end of the month. And then in mid-December, Adam and I are taking a trip to Universal Orlando with family (but no kids!!) and I am the most excited person on the planet Earth.

Ask the StoryBots

So, Storybots was a thing on YouTube that August found while visiting his grandparents, and I usually don’t let him pick anything on YouTube at home because 98% of the time, it is annoying as shit or some creepy egg fetish kids these days have. To my pleasant surprise, Storybots is neither, so definitely, check them out. They have a new show on Netflix called Ask the Storybots, where they spend an episode answering a question like Where do french fries come from? and Why is the sky blue? and it’s incredible. The songs are catchy, the subjects are interesting, and the information is easily digestible. There’s also guest stars that are fun for the adults in the house, like Garfunkle and Oates or Tim Meadows and Chris Parnell. August has been singing a song about aerodynamics and the four forces in flight. I’m down with four-year-olds knowing shit. If you are dying for a break from Daniel Tiger or Bubble Guppies, you won’t regret this.


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