Five Years And A Long-Ass Car Ride

As you read this, I am hopefully sitting in the passenger seat of my car. Adam is driving. The kids are eating bagels in the backseat because their time spent chewing to talking ratio is the best of all other breakfast options. My trunk is stuffed to the gills, and we are on our way to North Carolina for my sister Lindsay’s wedding. I say hopefully because my hope is that I stayed true to my plan for once and the car was packed last night. My greatest hope is that all we had to do this morning was pee, brush our teeth, and buckle-up. Stay tuned to find out whether or not that was true.

Today is Adam’s and my five-year anniversary. Five years ago, we were sweating balls outside, because who doesn’t love a good outdoor wedding at the end of July? I was wearing a short, white dress, and a spray tan that I spent two days trying to scrub down to human-levels of melanin. Adam was wearing a red tye, a Hello Kitty bandaid, and a vest that I spent many a day crying over the impossibility of finding, because he is a tall man and it is hard to find clothes for tall men.

Today, we are both still sweating balls. If anyone hears me complain about snow or winter next year, pop me right in the lip. I am probably wearing shorts that were meant to be pajamas, and Adam is probably wearing a t-shirt he got for free when he ran a race.

We have made many a road trip together, so I can safely assume that we both have subs from Wawa that we bought for when lunchtime rolls around. We are probably listening to one of several podcasts I downloaded the night before. We are probably holding hands or hand-on-legging it. We are talking about our new home and what we need or want to do to it. We are talking about places we want to visit. We are talking about August’s upcoming school year. We are talking about how much we love these car rides.

A long car ride with two small children is not at the top of anyone’s list for how they want to spend their anniversary. But as I’m writing this, a few days out, I’m excited for the time together. Time where we don’t have a list running through our heads of chores and projects that need completing today. Time where we can just talk and listen and enjoy hanging out together. We will be frequently interrupted by questions regarding our ETA and requests for a new DVD or a snack or sudden, panicked calls for a bathroom break. Those things aren’t going to phase me today.

This is the part where I might make a joke about being a boring, married couple, but it feels far from it. I love that I know what we are going to do, and when we are going to do it. We both get surprised now and again, but we know each other. This year is five years of marriage and nine years together, and it feels good to hang out in my car with my husband and hold his hand and listen to someone talk about shit we are both interested in, in a monotonous tone on public radio. We have a plan for celebrating later in the year, but today will be completely satisfying on its own.

Adam, thank you for fulfilling your legal obligation to hang out with me for the past five years. There is no one I would rather do car rides and parenting and moving and living and loving and puns with. No one I would rather set goals with and joke with and plan a future with and enjoy shit with. I enjoy you.

(And this year, like every year, I will swoon over our wedding video and reminisce about how much fun and sweaty that day was.)


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