Goodbye, Stuff. Goodbye All My Stuff.

Whenever I get in a little bit of a writing “slump,” and by slump I mean two babies and I am tired and all my free time is going to either doing adult shit or yelling at The Walking Dead for being a pile of garbage, I don’t stress too much. I know that soon, something will come about that I don’t want to do, and I will procrastinate by sitting down and typing out all my important words.

The bedrooms and bathrooms in this house all need CAUTION tape. So here I am!

It’s supposed to be spring. There are flowers outside and I have allergies for the first time in my goddamn life and it’s also frigging April, but it’s also going to snow this weekend. So there’s that. This all feels like a very good metaphor for life right now. Everything is bouncing around in this irritating limbo state and I just want to put away the hats and gloves for the season and stop buying wood pellets.

The house that we put an offer on looks like it is moving forward. There were some issues that came up during the home inspection, but the seller is getting them fixed, and we should be fine. My brain is going bananas. I just want to be in the house. This place is going to be so much smaller than what we are used to, and I’m thrilled because that means we need to get rid of a ton of our shit. Tons of our shit, actually. Plural tons. I think the only furniture even going with us is most of the two bedrooms we have, a TV, and maybe a bookshelf.

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know my relationship with stuff. I love to buy it, but I hate to own it. We have so, so much stuff. And it’s crazy because we have gotten rid of massive amounts of our stuff several times over the last few years. Huge yard sales. Frequent trips to the consignment sale. Even more frequent pickups from Purple Heart. But it never really feels like we make much of a dent in what we own. So I’m looking forward to this move so I can do a thorough accounting of everything we own, and then light about 87% of it on fire.

In the last two years, I have purged half of my closet, twice. So I have about a quarter of the clothes I used to, and it still feels like too much, and I also still have nothing to wear. Losing the baby (pizza) weight has been much slower this time around. So I’m left with clothes that fit, but I don’t like, and clothes I like, but don’t fit. It’s super fun. I wear probably the same eight or nine things, over and over.

So probably this fall, I am aiming to try out a capsule wardrobe. I am hoping to be back in most of my clothes by then, and I’m saving money now to round out what I will need to make it work. I’m hoping this is going to make my mornings a little easier, and will also give me storage space in my closet for some things we aren’t going to have room for in the new house, because our storage is pretty limited.

Have you ever downsized your living situation, or wanted to? I feel like most people want something bigger, but all I see when we look at a bigger house is x more square feet of shit that I still don’t have time to clean. Not that this house is going to be clean. I know me by now.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Stuff. Goodbye All My Stuff.

  1. “I love to buy it but I hate to own it” <— YUUUP! I'm right there with you!

    I did a capsule wardrobe for a month and felt like it definitely did help me to figure out my style and stop buying things that I like but that I'll rarely/never wear.

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