Buying a House is a Right Pain in the Nads

Our house hunt has been an annoying one. The summer before I got pregnant with Halligan, we started our search. We wanted land. We wanted three or four bedrooms, because our current two weren’t going to cut it with more kids. We wanted it to be close to Downtown Bel Air so we could possibly walk to important things like the library or pizza. We wanted to be far enough into a neighborhood that our kids can ride bikes and no one will hear solicitors scream when I set the dogs on them. There were other things, but those were some of the bigs.

We went in full-force, and looked at a lot of houses. A lot. We thought we found the perfect one, and put a contract on it after thinking for a couple days. The day of our inspection, we wanted to be present, so we took August with us and went to our future home. And we realized fairly quickly that we may have rushed into this.

Everything looked so much smaller. I noticed a bunch of things we hadn’t noticed when the home was staged. One of the selling points was that the kitchen and bathrooms were updated and really nice. But upon further inspection, the realization that, while new, they weren’t our tastes, hit us. What good was new countertops if I was going to want to replace them?

That afternoon, we came home and backed right on out of that contract. Lost some money on it. And with it being a week or two after I found out I was pregnant, decided to suspend the search. I was crazy sick in my first trimester, and the thought of having to pack up our house and move was enough to make me climb into a tree and hide there until it was done.

This past fall, we hit the pavement running. Having two kids in one bedroom has been way easier than we thought it would be, and we actually might even keep them sharing when we move into our next house because of how nice it’s been. But we aren’t brave enough to try fitting a preschooler, toddler, and newborn in a bedroom together one day. So our deadline is before I am pregnant again.

The fall seemed like a good time to look because that and winter are slower seasons, so we wouldn’t feel as rushed and crazy. We could take our time and hopefully not make the same mistake twice by rushing into a contract because we were afraid we would lose something.

And that brings us to the house I thought we would be in by now. It was in an awesome location, close to schools and downtown, but also on the same street as our good friends with kids close to August and Halligan in age. There was the potential to put on an addition, that would lengthen our dining room on the first floor so I could get a big-ass Game of Thrones-style table to host our families at holidays. The second floor of the addition would be a walk-in closet for our bedroom, leading into my dream bathroom. I had plans.

Then we found out that the sewer system we thought we would be hooking up to leads nowhere. They’re empty lines because shit doesn’t move uphill, apparently. Then we found out our septic system was failing. The seller ended up not wanting to fix it, and we ended up not wanting to have to walk to a 7-Eleven every time we had to poop. So we walked. Sadly. We were sad as crap.

But maybe all those pillows and posters that say “Everything happens for a reason” are right, because we found something so much better this weekend. Adam and I loved it. I won’t say a lot about it now, but we are currently under contract and our inspection will be this week. And hopefully we can poop in it and I will be posting about our new home.

As sad as I am to leave our current home that we love so much, I’m ready to get on with this shit. I want to know where we are going to end up. I’m tired of waiting and I’m ready to buy things to make our forever-home cute as hell.

Speaking of which, someone tell me how to keep our cats from destroying my future dream couch?


2 thoughts on “Buying a House is a Right Pain in the Nads

  1. Per the cats. I hear spraying the herb rue can help. It’s natural so no harm to kids who like to lick things. However if ya ask me…..the best solution is getting rid of the cat. 😁

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