Today, I Love You

It’s been a minute. Here’s some ish I’m into at the moment.


Easy Lunchboxes Bento Boxes

It’s been over nine months and I finally have a kid that NAPS and goes to bed at a decent hour, so there is time in my day for my own shit again.Β I’m getting myself back in shape, and eating right is a big part of that. To make sure I don’t fall into the Hungry as Hell-Hey I’ll Just Grab McDonald’s Just This Once Pit of Despair, I pack my lunch ahead of time on busy or out-of-the-house days. These containers are perfect. They make it super easy to portion out my food and take it on the go if need be. I also use them a lot for August. Perfect for packing kid lunches, or for those times when we are out longer than I thought and I do need to make a drive-thru run, I can dump his kids meal from Chick Fil-A in one of these and hand it to him in his carseat and he manages to not cause complete ketchup covered-chaos back there.


BP. Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee

My sister, Catie, turned me onto this brand. They make the most flattering shirts on the planet. She’s training to be a barre instructor, so she already looks amazing, and their tank tops look extra-incredible on her and she’s not allowed to wear them around me. She picked out this long sleeve shirt for me for Christmas, and I know we are heading into Spring (friggin FINALLY) but these are lightweight and can still be worn with shorts. It’s the best shirt I own, and it’s on clearance at Nordstrom. Go buy that shit QUICK. GO.


GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment

A friend talked this mask up a while ago, and I swung by Sephora to get a sample because it’s on the pricey side. Guys. Guys. I went right back and bought the full-size. It sucks all the shit out of your face. Just slurps it right out. My pores looked smaller. My skin felt firm and smooth. It helped with the crazy hormonal breakouts I’ve been having (thanks, children). I really love it. I don’t splurge on a lot of beauty products anymore, but this is so worth it. Get a sample if you want to give it a shot without committing at first.


One Thousand Things

The kids got this books for Christmas and I love it. It has adorable illustrations, and is kind of a giant collection of flashcards. The pages are all themed, like fruits or stuff in a bedroom. August loves going through it, and Halligan thinks it tastes great. This is one of the very few children’s things that is both functional and pretty.


Old Loves

I heard about this Tumblr on the most recent episode of Girls. It’s pictures of celebrity couples that are not longer together. Since Monday, I’ve had a tab open at all times with this website, and it serves as my current rabbit hole. There’s old Hollywood couples up to recent couples, and it is crazy when you remember who dated who. My favorites are the out of left field ones you never knew were together at all. Andrew Keegan and LeAnn Rimes, anybody? Juliette Lewis and Brat Pitt? Nicole Kidman and Lenny Kravitz????


What are you into, lately? Point me in the direction of good things!


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