Time Passed and Things Happened. Things!

Guess what happens when I don’t blog for a couple months?

A whole lotta shit!

Here’s some cliff notes.

– It was Halligan’s first Christmas and it was also hot as balls outside. Too hot for festive jammies. And then it was cold as balls and snowed everywhere and there is still a big ass pile of snow at the mall. It will be here longer than you or me. Snow mortality.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.34.28 PM
No-clothes Christmas

– I turned 30. My sister, Lindsay, threw me a surprise party. I was surprised! And now my head is 6000 times bigger because I have more proof that everyone loves me.


– We did not buy a house. Our deal fell through. It’s a long and annoying story. The short story is that we need a place to poop, and this house ended up not being able to provide. So now we are back to looking, and I’m a big ol’ grump about it because I hate looking at houses and I want to be moved already. Also, we are entering the season of Real Estate Hell, when everything good is on the market for 8 minutes and I have to start slipping the seller muffin baskets and weed to try to get our offer in.

– After blogging here for seven years, I bought my domain name. I feel like a grownup. You are now visiting a dot-com. It’s fancy. Praise.

– Adam and I celebrated nine years since we both decided to go on a date with a stranger from the internet. No one died, so we celebrate.

– And not that first-christmases and anniversaries and birthdays and all that ish isn’t the most wonderful, but I am the most proud of this little diddy. I am officially a cast member for the Listen to Your Mother Baltimore 2016 show. I will write more on this really soon, I promise. We had our first rehearsal last night, and I am still gobsmacked at the experience. The women in this cast are phenomenal writers with important stories that truly resonate, and I’m honored to stand on a stage with them next month. If you live in the area, please come out! I’d love to see you! And I like it a lot when people clap for me.


I promise to be back this week with some new content. Β Come read some shit. And let me know if anything new and exciting is happening for you! Or if you want to talk about House of Cards because I would like to talk about House of Cards.


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