I’m Going to Miss This Hamster Cage

The day we moved in, in June 2009.

We live in a two-bedroom townhouse. Adam and I bought this place after we had been dating for a couple years. There were a few days between our settlement and when we could get our friends to help us move our stuff in. So that first night, we slept on blankets on the floor, ate pizza, and watched a movie on a little portable DVD player. It’s the first place we lived together, excluding the time I spent as a squatter in his brother’s basement while we were looking for this house.

We have had holidays and birthdays in this house. My sister lived with us until August was born. We brought two babies home to this house. We filled it with animals who never stop shedding. Our cats actually moved in when we did, along with three of their siblings, who were all found in a barn behind Adam’s parents’ house the day we settled on ours. We made updates and adjustments to this house that we love and that have made it our home. We are in close proximity to two Targets in this house. And in the coming months, we are packing this house up and giving the keys to someone else and moving into our forever-home.

I love our new house. It has so much potential, and I can’t wait to make it into our home. Our new house is going to be the house our kids remember. Our new house is going to be where we raise our family and grow old. Our new house is a few doors down from our really good friends, down the street from our children’s elementary school, and across the street from a church that we won’t ever use but, you know, heyyyyyy. Our new house is still in close proximity to two Targets.

Still, I am going to miss the shit out of our home. We may be outgrowing it, and it may drive me nuts sometimes. But shit. I love this place. We have lived here for over six years. I didn’t like it very much when we moved in. And I hated those goddamn purple walls. But we made it our home, and it’s been good to us. So pardon me if I cry about 3058603 times between now and our closing date. And excuse all the complaining I am going to do about renovating and remodeling and trying to make this new house into our new home. And don’t mind me when I start comparing the new house to our current house that I just friggin got RIGHT. Literally. We just got new carpet today and that was the last thing I did not like about our home.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.51.18 PM
This summer, when the neighbors stopped stink-eying me for never taking care of the landscaping. I need to bring our peach door with me. I cannot live without it.

End of sapfest. See you guys after Christmas for my regularly scheduled lousy attitude.


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