I Barely Have Time to Put on Pants, But Pants Suck So Whatever.

There’s this window after a new baby, where you’ve got the hang of the baby part and you’re getting crap done again and settling into your new routine, but almost none of that routine involves you. I’m in this place right now where I am getting fairly productive, keeping up with house stuff, on top of August’s and Halligan’s basic ish, running errands with two kids, and making dinner a few nights a week. But, I’m not making it to Stroller Strides, or finding much time to exercise at all. I’m not brushing my teeth or getting dressed or really even eating anything besides maybe a pack of crackers until after August eats lunch. I’m sure as hell not doing my hair, and most of the time my makeup for the day is some Aquaphor on my lips, end of list.

This week, I’m making a strong effort to start getting back to feeling myself. Some women don’t like makeup or styling their hair and some women think it’s stupid to feel like you have to do those things. Me? I love that shit. Days where I have a minute to throw something on my face or shove my head under the faucet so I can blow dry my bangs are days that I feel more like a person instead of a much more tired and less endearing version of that robot maid from The Jetsons. And whenever I can get time to exercise, I kick the whole day in the ass. But most of the time, if I have the time to do something for myself, I end up finding a chore to do or I try to cross something off my to-do list instead. And that is dumb because nothing in my house stays “done” for more than four minutes anymore.

I asked my friend Beth to write a little something for us on ways to squeeze in some time for a little makeup or basic skincare. She’s an amazing esthetician and makeup artist (and nail technician because this chick does all the things) and even gets herself on the news around here all the time because she’s fancy as hell. Enjoy her words.


I know how it works…your baby comes and then your priorities change and your plans of still hanging on to the “Hot Mommy” notion doesn’t seem so hot anymore. I have worked with many a mommy who has faced that reality…and to be honest, you don’t have to give up on that notion entirely. What may be required is a bit of strategic planning.

Skin care does not have to go out the window when you are wrangling little people.  The shower is great one stop shopping when it comes to multi-tasking. Cleansers with an exfoliant built in can make dead skin gone in one step leaving a fresher more radiant complexion. Make sure that that granularity of your exfoliant is on the finer side so that it doesn’t abrade the skin too harshly.

With regard to makeup, tinted moisturizers act as complexion diffusers in addition to providing sun protection, as most of them have an added SPF.  There is also a BB cream that is chock full of skin smoothers, complexion correctors, and SPF that really does a host of things to the skin to improve texture, tone, and radiance.  Aveda makes a great tinted moisturizer. Tarte offers a great foundation selection from BB cream to a full coverage foundation.

Lipsticks or gloss are a great and simple step to makeup application that can brighten the face and add polish and pizzazz to the simplest of looks.  Look for brighter colors such as cherry or corals. Cherry colors can make teeth look whiter and eyes so much brighter. Corals are a warm tone that looks great on any skin tone! The shades of these colors vary, and you can look for glosses that provide a veil of color without the impact of what an opaque lipstick would provide. If the color is new for you, then a gloss might be a great addition to your lip-color wardrobe and a nice introduction to a color that you wouldn’t normally choose.  Burt’s Bees and Aveda have great color selections in a gloss, or lip-color crayon.

Whatever you choose…there is simple and easy ways to still incorporate a bit of glamour and intrigue while your little people are bouncing around your leg! “Hot Mommy” is not out of reach!

** Beth McHugh is a licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist/Nail Technician. Her personal makeup company, Showstarter Makeup provides Makeup Services for Weddings and Special Occasions.  She is also employed with Salon by Debbie Spas, working out of the Spa in The Valley location in Hunt Valley, MD. She is also the face of Salon by Debbie and you can see past videos on YouTube.  You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram & Periscope under Bethglam.

To find out about her other services, you can access www.spainthevalley.com


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