Can I Say I’m a Writer Now? Because I’m Saying I’m a Writer Now.

I’ve been at this stay at home momness since I was pregnant with August. I went back to college in my early twenties to major in biology. In my third year, I found out I was bad at it and quit to have babies. The only thing I didn’t fail out of that semester was a writing class that I loved. The teacher was inspiring and encouraging. The class size was small and there were no assholes. And it got me to enjoy writing for the first time in years. When I stopped going to school, I decided to go back to blogging, something I had sporadically dabbled in but never really found a way to enjoy.

As someone that has always tried to find something I was good at without much luck (my basement is a crafting graveyard,) I felt like writing was something I could just kind of… Do. I like this shit. And I really like that some other people like it. I feel like a cool kid or at the very least, a mildly entertaining weirdo.

A few months ago, I submitted an old blog post I wrote while pregnant with August to Scary Mommy. If you’re not familiar with that site, it’s basically a place for mom snark and cursing. It got accepted, and I felt so. Fucking. Good. A couple months later, I started getting paid for original content that they accepted. Getting a paycheck for the first time in over three years felt unreal. Mostly because I couldn’t believe someone was paying me for a bunch of words I barfed out.

So I’m a writer now and famous and a really big deal. It’s fancy. I’ll start letting you guys know when something of mine goes up on Scary Mommy. It just so happens, a new one is up right now. If you’d like to read the other things I’ve had published on their site, you can read them here. And remember, kids-

You, too, can drop out of college, get knocked up, and spend all your time on the Internet.Β Strive for greatness.


5 thoughts on “Can I Say I’m a Writer Now? Because I’m Saying I’m a Writer Now.

  1. Yeah, thanks for making our taxes more complicated with all your fancy self-employment income. NOW I HAVE TO LEARN NEW THINGS.

    On the bright side, when we will out our taxes, you get to list your occupation as “writer”, so that will make it official in the eyes of the federal and state governments.

    Also, I’m very proud of you.

  2. my dream is to be on scary mommy! I would love to be a famous blogger lol writing is the only thing I’m actually good at! if you have any advice, please feel free to pass it my way!

    1. Submit some pieces to them! I have yet to really do any of this well, so I don’t really have any advice besides DO IT. Good luck!

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