There’s Two of Them.

Life with two kids is kind of the same as life with one kid while pregnant, because I am still sitting a lot. The difference is my boobs are out a lot and I don’t feel like sitting anymore. I’ve never wanted to clean my house so badly in my life. Part of that is because I know it’s going to be a crazy dirty hamster cage when I can move around freely again. Part of it is because I have finished reading the whole internet and now I’m bored.

As great as my c-section was, fuck c-sections. The recovery is straight booshit and I’m over it. I’m jealous of all the vag-birthers that can go back to doing shit once they feel like it.Ā  I’m only just now starting to do things around the house. I never thought that doing dishes could bring me such joy and pride.

But other than my body being the True Dicktective (UGH. See what all this effing sitting is doing to my brain?) things are going pretty well. Adam has started going back to work for a day here and there, and I’ve managed to keep both kids alive and even got them out of the house once or twice.

The big adjustment is time. I know it gets easier because I did this once and August eventually got on a schedule, and with a schedule comes the gift of time. When you know roughly when your kid is going to sleep or nap, you can plan for it, and one of those plans can involve time for you. Without a schedule, I don’t know when the hell Halligan is going to sleep or nap or for how long, so every moment she does sleep is spent rushing around in case she wakes up. Prepping bottles and August’s next meal, trying to catch up on house work and thank you notes, shoveling food into my face or brushing my teeth for the first time today at 3pm. I just try to knock out what I can before she wakes up again.

Halligan Baker Photos FB 9

Halligan Baker Photos FB 5

Halligan Baker Photos FB 7

Halligan Baker Photos FB 13

Halligan Baker Photos FB 6

Halligan Baker Photos FB 15

Little by little, I’ve typed out this post on my iPod during feedings. It should go without saying that posts are going to be infrequent here for a bit. I fell asleep several times while writing the last couple paragraphs. And I actually finished it about two weeks ago, so I will need to do an even more updated post soon. But if you would like to be alerted when something new goes up, you can go to the right side of this page and subscribe to my blog and like it on Facebook. Then you can hustle right back over here and see if I have retreated into a hole in the woods and become a mole person.

*All pictures courtesy of Magpie Photography and Creations


5 thoughts on “There’s Two of Them.

  1. Glad to see your doing well, I can feel the sleepiness in your writing šŸ™‚ Your babies are beautiful and all the mess will be there when you are ready to tackle it šŸ˜‰

  2. Thank you! I felt the same way about c sections. I had the first baby vaginal and was up TCB’ing 15 minutes later. My c-section went really well but I never realized how much you need abs until you can’t use them. And taking my first shower to be presented with my new “skin apron?” That felt awesome. I would rather vaginal birth any day.

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