Feel Great About Yourself By Clicking On This Link and Dumping Your Wallet Into It!

Thirty eight weeks! It’s chugging along. I wish I was chugging along. Beer is going to be so glorious in a few weeks. We had some expecting friends and their little guy over for pizza recently, and my pregfriend brought me an O’douls to “get the party started.” It gave me a momentary memory-buzz. I love that woman.

Things are pretty same ol’ same ol’ round these parts (my parts.) Not much news to report besides I am still pregnant and I want a lot of pizza.

I wanted to take a quick moment to ask you to give all your money to my sister, Lindsay. She is a first-year, first grade teacher, and she is amazing. Since she was an annoying little ankle-biter, she has wanted to be a teacher. For years, she asked Santa for an overhead projector. Teaching has been a lifelong dream and passion and she is attacking her first year in the field with so much gusto. If we had more teachers like her, I might know how to read good.

In her efforts to do everything she can to give her students the best education possible, Lindsay has been facing a technology gap in her classroom. So, she started a fundraising campaign to get eight iPad Minis, protective cases, and a charging station for her students. These iPads will give these kids the opportunity to have an engaging, personalized learning experience that is tailored to their specific needs. Also, iPads are cool.

If you have a few bucks lying around (or a lotta bucks because more dollars help more,) you can go to her fundraiser on Donors Choose and help my sisterΒ reach her goal. For a few more days, your donation will be matched if you enter the promo code SPARK when you checkout. So it’s like you’re giving double! You are so generous!

(There’s a hyperlink in that paragraph where it says “her fundraiser on Donors Choose”. You probably realized that, and I don’t think you’re a dumb. But, you know. Just in case.)

Thanks in advance for being the best! Please share this with your rich friends.


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