Eggs and Candy and Family and (Cold) Beaches

I opened the windows and aired out our stinkhouse. August has been able to return to his favorite pastime of sidewalk chalk. I am considering shaving my legs above mid-calf. Spring is finally here! It’s not my favorite season, overall (I’m more of a fall lady,) but it’s the most welcome thing on the planet after this crapshoot winter.

We spent the Easter weekend in Bethany with Adam’s family. I love these weekends with all of us in one house together. It gets me excited that August is going to have so many memories in this house with his family through the years, especially his cousins.Β Plus, it’s nice to just unwind with everyone and hangout. I was able to spend some time over the weekend reading and working on some craft projects, which I hardly ever find time for at home these days. It felt great to make some progress on things I enjoy.

The weather got pretty nice, but by the water wasΒ still pretty cold. We went down to the boardwalk to poke around for a bit, and spent about three minutes walking on the beach. August was so into it, even though he was clearly freezing. He was taking tiny, careful steps down a hill in the sand and kept shouting, “I doing it! I doing it!” We warmed up at the candy store to pick up a treat, and then hung out in a toy store with a train table and dollhouse that kept AugustΒ very happy until I ruined everything by noticing he was doing a pee-dance.

There was plenty to do the rest of the weekend while we celebrated Adam’s aunt’s 80th birthday and Easter. August and his cousins hid plastic eggs the entire time we were there. I found one in my shoe on the drive home. The kids played outside and dyed eggs, and seeing August playing so much with his cousin, Cordelia was particularly special. They had so much fun together and it’s been so neat to see him coming out of the stage where he is playing next to kids his age and playing with them instead. Lots of tag and hide-and-seek and forts and puzzles and more egg hunts. Just an overall fun, relaxing, special start to the season.










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