When It Rains (From a Busted Pipe in the Ceiling,) It Pours.

But thankfully not literally.

Our family room makeover (makebetter? makelessawful?) was going swimmingly. Progress was being made. Toys were being weeded out. Pillows were being purchased. Then Adam and I came downstairs to spend some quality time as a married couple by watching zombies eat people, and the ceiling was leaking.

We had a pipe under our kitchen sink break and it was leaking water into the basement below. Thankfully, it was onlyΒ leaking for we think a few hours, and there wasn’t a ton of damage to the floor/ceiling. But it led to the discovery of a bunch of fun issues, and we are now getting ready to replace all the tiles in our drop ceiling.

I hate drop ceilings. I’m glad we had one in this case, because we probably wouldn’t have discovered the leak until the next day and we would have had serious damage by then. Most likely. But those suckers are ugly and also our cats sometimes climb into them without telling me and freak me the hell out. So now we get to replace that and hire someone to come clean our sofa and part of our carpet before we can do more work down there to get it cute.

The only plus here is I have plenty of projects I can work on to still keep our progress moving. There are several things I’m working on for those bare, sandy walls that I despise, and I can work on them at the kitchen table. Also, we already moved my craft crap to another part of the basement, so none of my supplies were damaged. They used to sit right under where our leak started. So high five to Adam for moving things around when we first started and not doing what I’ve done the entire project: wait and wait and eat candy.

On top of all of that, I am getting less and less mobile by the minute. I’ve developed a fantastic case of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, and can’t get up without feeling like the bones in my pelvis are about to break. Adam’s 80-year old aunt was laughing that I get up from a chair like she does. Basically, the joint holding the two sides of my pelvis together is widening because baby. and is becoming overly relaxed, making the pelvic girdle unstable. It hurts like a bitch and I get to spend the day wearing a bra for my belly. All of this is seriously screwing with house-progress.

Hopefully we can still have the basement finished before the baby comes, and I can get a reveal post up. Most likely, I’m going to be blogging a little less for a bit after the squish arrives earthside. So send good vibes and maybe Niecy Nash or someone else from the television that makes everything better? But not the dude from Extreme Home Makeover. He’s loud as balls and I need a nap.


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