The Tuesdays

At two and a half years old, these are probably not days that August is going to remember very clearly. A day like today especially, because to a toddler, I doubt it was anything special. But it was one of those afternoons/evenings that is going to stick with Adam and I for a while, just for being a really enjoyable day to be parents.

A trip to the dentist is not something I would normally think would qualify as an “enjoyable day to be a parent,” but that ended up being a pleasant surprise. It was August’s first teeth cleaning. He’s gone to the dentist twice before, just to get a peek at his teeth and to get him used to going. Both times, he didn’t handle it particularly well, which was to be expected. However, he was such a champ today, and Adam and I were beaming every time another minute passed that our child didn’t bite the hygienist. The whole appointment was so much easier than we were expecting, and I feel like that is a frequent occurrence. If we think an event is going to be unpleasant or difficult for August, we prepare for The Apocalypse. But most of the time, he gives us Just Another Tuesday.


There was really nothing remarkable about the appointment, aside from the fact that there was nothing remarkable. August was calm, cooperative and friendly, which is normally how he operates. Sure, he has his toddler moments, and I am definitely seeing glimpses of the threenager to come. But for the most part, he’s an easy going and happy kid.  Despite knowing this, despite knowing our child, we still get shocked every time he doesn’t try to blow up the planet in retaliation for whatever thing we think he is going to hate. I need to take the time to remember that August can handle a lot more than we give him credit for.

We decided to have a fairly rare dinner out as a family, and got August his favorite dinner, macaroni and cheese (MY SON) and let him pick where he wanted to go for dessert. He chose to stay at Panera and eat a cookie as big as his head (MY SON AGAIN) and I can’t believe he ate it all. The three of us hung out at our table and Adam and I kept thinking he was done, and we reminded him again and again that he could put the rest in a bag and eat more cookie later. No way. The kid powered through. This, and the meltdown he has every time he realizes it’s a hair-washing night, are all the proof I need that August wasn’t switched out for someone else’s baby at the hospital.

Dinner was a little early tonight, so we had time to spare when we got home. We went up to Adam’s and my room and played a memory game on the floor. Family games haven’t been happening too often lately because a lot of our time is being spent getting the house ready for the baby, and letting August play with just one of us or on his own. It was so nice to have an hour to just hang out, especially on a weekday. Getting to sit on the floor and play with my family for an hour on a Tuesday was unexpected and awesome and I want to make sure this does not feel like such a rarity in the future.

A couple months ago, I bought my first “nice” camera, and I’m so glad I did because I’ve been taking more pictures than usual to try to justify the purchase. As a result, I captured a lot more of today than I normally would have. Like I said, for August, probably none of today stood out to him as particularly special. But to his parents, this will be a lasting memory of one of the last times we are a family of three. I’m looking forward to big moments when we add a fourth to the mix- vacations and holidays and things like that. But these little, unexpected great days are what I enjoy the most about being a parent.







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