I Would Like to Go Everywhere, Please.

Wanderlust. I has it. Bad. I’ve been looking at pictures from our time in Spain last year, and all it’s making me want to do is pack a bag (or nine) and get us out into the world. That trip was a lot, and traveling on my own with a 20-month old was a lot a lot. But getting through it and seeing that I could do it made me want to go everywhere. The joy and excitement and fun of living Β for a few weeks in a totally different place, so far outside of my comfort zone, easily outweighed the stress and toll of traveling solo with a toddler. A few months ago, I may have begged Adam to quit his job so we could all move to another country. Stability, thy name is Sara.

Realizing that it’s not exactly smart for my husband to up and quit his job just so I can get my recommended daily intake of churros, I’ve dialed it down a smidge. But the desire to see and experience different countries and cultures and to share those experiences with our kids is still very much there. I’m really hopeful that our future includes a lot of trips overseas. Though, even if we don’t get out of the country very often, I at least know our future holds a lot of trips on this continent.

After we outgrow this townhouse and buy a single family home with a little land and a driveway, Adam and I are planning on buying a trailer. I have been dreaming of this for years, and I can’t wait to actually get the ball rolling one day. Something old that I can gut and then rebuild into something that suits our specific needs. Then, hitching that sucker up to our car and going all over the place. Most of my closest friends have spread out all over the country, and it’s going to be amazing to actually go and visit one day. Plus, getting to plan long trips away where we aren’t packing and unpacking for hotels or spending a fortune on places to stay. We can camp, we can take our home with us, and we can go wherever the hell we want.

I’m so excited to get this ball rolling one day. I will be the most excited lady on the planet when we start searching for a junky tin can to turn into our home on wheels. Do you have any vacation or travel dreams you’re looking forward to experiencing? Do you plan on road-tripping with your family or are you sticking to planes and trains for long distances?


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