Today, I Love You

I’m winding down from a Valentine’s weekend that was full- FULL- of Braxton Hicks contractions. This fetus is painful. But thankfully, I have been getting slightly better sleep because he or she has been resting at night. I’m still getting up to pee a million times, but it’s easier to fall back asleep if all inhabitants of my body are ready for rest. August wasn’t a big kicker at night, and came into this world an awesome sleeper. I’m crossing my fingers we get lucky again, because I am a basket case without sleep. It’s not even like I just get grumpy and forgetful. I straight up lose my mind and come dangerously close to being a scrolling story on the bottom of your television screen. SHELTER IN PLACE. LOCAL WOMAN WITH NO PANTS IS BARKING AT DOGS AND HOLDING HER OPEN MOUTH UNDER THE NACHO CHEESE DISPENSER AT 7/11. So maybe cross your fingers for me, too? Good sleep vibes all around.

In addition to adequate sleep, here’s some other things that I like or love or enjoy right now.

Obvious Child

Adam and I have been meaning to watch this for a while. I was expecting a fairly funny movie, solely because I think Jenny Slate is hilarious. It way delivered. It’s a romantic comedy about a woman who has a one-night stand and gets pregnant, and decides not to keep the baby. Clearly a touchy subject that doesn’t exactly sound like the basis for a comedy. But it works, and is handled in the most humanizing and realistic way. We both really enjoyed it. Jenny Slate forever.

Trivia Crack


Dammit. You guys. I finally checked this out. It’s addictive as hell. It also makes me feel like a giant dumdum because I. Know. NOTHING. How can I love something so much that I am so bad at? Before August was born, Adam and I used to play bar trivia with some friends once a week. Our team was awesome because everyone had specific strengths that fleshed out a pretty well rounded plethora of knowledge. Some people were good with geography or presidents. We had a vet who could handle most animal and a lot of human anatomy and medical questions. My area of expertise was children’s movies and current events (that one would find in People Magazine). I win the HELL out of the entertainment category on TC. Everything else, not so much. But alas, play I must.

Packing for Vacation in My Mind

I hate packing, but thinking about what I’m bringing on a trip is a productive way to get me very excited. Every year, we plan a trip to Wisp Ski Resort out in McHenry, MD. We rent a house, get a bunch of our friends together, and spend a long weekend away. We divide into groups and each cooks a breakfast or dinner for the whole house, so you only have to cook once the entire weekend. At night we try to play some games and just hang out together, and when I’m not pregnant I drink Andre straight from the bottle. Days are usually spent skiing/snowboarding, or if you’re me, sleeping and eating and not watching PBS Kids. August is staying with Adam’s parents, and it’s our last time away before the baby comes. We don’t leave until the end of the month, but I’ve been making lists of comfy clothes to pack, books to read and projects to bring and work on. I found a book about hand lettering, which is something I would like to try, and I will hopefully knock out some little projects that I have in my desk that have gone unfinished for a very long time.

Spot It Jr

We bought this game on a recommendation from a friend who knows pretty much everything about games. He’s raising tiny gamers of his own, and sang the praises of Spot It Jr. August loves it, and it’s fun to play with him. He will happily play by himself while I’m working on the computer (internet shopping) and it holds his attention longer than most things he plays with.

Maybelline Color Tattoo

I want every single color. I recently watched a makeup tutorial that used the Inked in Pink shade. Bought it, loved it. It’s a long lasting cream shadow that works really well as a base, but some colors are great by themselves. Barely Branded is my favorite for everyday, as part of a low-maintenance look. It is a very light shimmery color that covers up the pinkness my eyelids can have when I’m tired (always). It brightens up my face and all I do is pat a little on with my finger. Wears great throughout the day and doesn’t crease.

Anything you’re really liking lately and think I should try? Books to check out, products to try, activities you’re interested in? Send em my way! And if you’re enjoying my blog, please subscribe on the right of this page, so my posts are sent right to your email inbox when they’re published. It’s a simple way to keep up with what I’m writing, and it makes reading posts on your smartphone a little easier.


One thought on “Today, I Love You

  1. I love that I know exactly how many cards are in Spot It, Jr. It saves me some consternation when I’m trying to collect them all when they’re scattered on and under the couch cushions.

    And I loved Obvious Child too.

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