Babies Are Work and Stuff.

So, maybe we can all just agree that trying to blog while constantly shielding yourself from baby puke is hard. I have been meaning to write my “how to get that little effer to sleep at night” post for weeks. But part of it requires me making a little video. Guess who has two thumbs and time to make a video? NOT THIS GUY, I only have two thumbs and nothing else to add to that.Β It is almost noon, August is taking a nap (PRAISE.) and I just ate a Starkist tuna kit as my first food of the day.


But just so you guys know, I’m not gone. I’m not dead. I’m not missing. I’m just unshowered and hungry and spit-up upon. And I miss you dudes. A lot of you are moms, and are probably all of those things, as well. So, solidarity, sisters. And there’s some aliteration for that ass.


As my offering to you, the readers, I offer some cute pictures of my kid. This will probably not be the last time that I use him to get me out of something. Sorrynotsorry, police officers of america.




Mean muggin.
Mean muggin.






It took me three days of screwing around with my camera that I have had for a year, but never learned to use, to get these stinking pictures. My advice to anyone trying to take holiday pictures of their baby: Just take 3569302 pictures. It will yield about 5 usable shots. And they are totally worth three days of yelling at your stupid shit camera. Also, bumbo with a blanket over it works some magic.


Holly jolly, guys. See you soon. I hope.


5 thoughts on “Babies Are Work and Stuff.

  1. He has to be one of the most photogenic kids I have ever seen. Yes – I hear you on the shielding myself from baby puke – my daughter got sick on my birthday the first year she was born. She projectile pooped and puked on me all night. BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER. Ah, memories. As for getting my little effers to sleep, we kind of-ish have our 5 year old down pat. My 3 year old is a whole other effing story for another effing day. Your pictures rock!!

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