The Cheese Is Thick On This One.

Real quick, I have to give everyone a million high-fives and thumbs-up and bear hugs. It’ll just take a minute.


This is for you guys.


This is for you guys.


This is for you guys.


The fundraising goal to bring Jack home from China has been met! Suuuper met. So met, everybody. And it couldn’t have been done without you. Thank you to everyone that donated and shared Jocelyn and Steve’s story. Gold stars for everyone!

You have my permission to show this to your mom or something.


Alright, enough about you guys. Let’s talk about me. Sort of about me. Let’s talk about my husband. And some about me. You’ve all probably heard through the tabloids and stuff, and that big New York Times write up on the front page and everything (sooo embarrassing..) that Adam and I had our one year wedding anniversary on Monday. Sorry to be so redundant, I know you’re all super tired of hearing about it. But what else am I going to talk about? The debt ceiling?




We’ve talked about my cats, and my dog, and my uterus and its contents, and we’ve talked a little bit about me. Let’s talk about Adam. And me.


I met Adam on an internet dating site when I was 21. I hadn’t discovered my love for beer, yet, so picking up bros at bars wasn’t much of an option. And most of the guys I knew wore the same jeans that I did. I wasn’t going to put up with a life of sharing pants, so I turned to my dearest friend, the interwebs. And it delivered me a handsome babe-man. We emailed for a little while, and one night, I read his email before bed without responding, and forgot about it. A week later, Adam found me on more of the internet, and I was afraid that I had a clinger on my hands. So I made up a lot of excuses about being busy for the next month while he asked me out on dates. Eventually he wore me down, and I agreed to go on a date with him. And then I tried to think of a way to get out of that date for the entire day prior. Little did I know that I was looking a gift universe in the mouth.


That’s me.


When Adam asked where I wanted to go on this last first date of the rest of my life, I told him I wanted to go to a diner near my work because I wanted chicken fingers. And it was awesome. The chicken fingers were delicious. We talked the whole time, had a great night, I learned a lot about him, and he learned that I like to order adult portions of children’s menu items.


Pretend our heads are somewhat proportional here. You apparently need more than my two years of college to resize anything in Paintbrush.


And so it began. A few years later, while celebrating our anniversary in DC, Adam insisted on bringing his duffle bag out with us while we walked around the National Mall. He said it was to carry his sweatshirt. I whined and told him to stop being a weirdo. While we were out, he wanted to get lunch and eat it by the Tidal Basin. I whined and said it was too cold. You’re all probably starting to see a pattern here, and to that I say, shut up. He got me to sit with him for a little bit outside, and out of his duffle bag, pulled a card he made for me. Inside was a poem he wrote, in which he compared me to a sprained ankle because he thinks I am “swell.” And  even more inside the card, was a ring, and Adam asked me to marry him. And then we ate fancy corndogs. I also said yes.




On July 30, 2011, I tricked the kindest, smartest, funniest, most caring and loving hot piece of man that I had ever met, into marrying me. And it was the best trick of my life. I’m gonna really cheese it up for a moment. I have spent the last year of my life being married to the type of man that I used to think only existed in books and movies. The sheer luck of meeting him when I did is still amazing to me, because I can’t imagine being as happy as I am with anyone else in the entire world. For over 365 days, I have had a husband that encourages and supports me, and shows me love in the biggest and smallest ways. He is the picture of everything I want our son to aspire to be when it comes to being a father, a husband, and a man. There isn’t anyone I would rather be having a baby with, or doing all my stuff with. He’s my lobster.




So, in celebration of a whole year as Mister and Missus, I give you, the internet, a little video of our wedding. Because I know how fun it is to look at other peoples’ wedding videos. It’s the least I could do, internet. You brought Adam and I together in the first place.


Thank you for being a friend.


Adam and Sara’s Wedding from Sara Nopurplewalls on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “The Cheese Is Thick On This One.

  1. Beautiful wedding! Love the location! I got married just a few weeks before you and also rocked a short dress (but with green shoes). Happy anniversary! Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness…

    1. Short dresses!! I was sweating my balls off that day. I don’t know how anyone in history has ever done an outdoor summer wedding in more than a thong.

  2. LOVED watching your video, got a little teary-eyed, being newly engaged myself (yay, me!). I adore your whole style and you sure make a cute couple :). Happy anniversary, and may you have many happy years together.

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