This Is Actually Important. Not “I Found Some Cookies” Important. Actual, Real Life Important.

Today is super serious business day. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that my readers are not stone cold feelings-haters. So let’s have some feelings. Bring it in, guys.


Get ready to hug it out, bitches.


My cousin, Jocelyn, is one of the most amazing ladies I have ever met in my life. And we share some DNA somewhere, so that makes me more amazing by osmosis. Science. A few years ago, she was a young single lady, living in California with a fancy job and being awesome. But she wasn’t spending her young single ladyness by drinking box wine and making weird choices and watching way too much Sex and the City. Nope, she adopted a CHILD. Like, a whole person. She saw a picture of a little boy in Africa, and her brain and heart were like “Oh hey, son!” and she became a mom.


And he is about a million times cuter in person. Suck on THAT, Toddlers and Tiaras.


Isaac, her son who happened to be just as amazing as she is, had an insane spinal condition. It resulted in his internal organs being severely compacted, minimizing his lung capacity, and basically slowly suffocated him. He needed some serious surgery. At an age where a lot of people, men and women, are concerned with some pretty superficial crap (GUILTY! I was probably thinking about mascara at this moment), Jocelyn made the decision to save the life of a little boy she had never even met, and bring him home.



So, Isaac came home, he got his surgery, and then, THEN, he woke up paralyzed. I was probably having a day where I was bitching about hitting some red lights or about how some lady in front of me at Panera was taking a million years to order. You knew the whole time that you were gonna end up getting the stupid brocoli soup in a bread bowl, woman. Chop chop! But this little boy woke up and couldn’t use his legs. And there were more complications, more road blocks, and it really makes you stink-eye the universe when good people, and KIDS, get dealt these cards.


I’m gonna skip a bunch of stuff and follow up the angry eyes with some olympic-level high-five. After all that crap, guess what Isaac can do now? He walks, motherbuckets. And it took a crapload of hard work from him and from his amazing mom. And not only does he walk, he wrestles. He can snowboard. He can dance! Me? I barely walk. I waddle. This kid kicks my ass in all departments.


Eligible Bachelors Who I Know Read My Blog Because You Are So Curious About the Wonders of Pregnancy,

Sorry, but Jocelyn is off the market and has an awesome husband. Steve rules, as he should. And since he and Jocelyn are in the business of ruling and being amazing, they are trying to complete their family. I am getting to the part where you guys come in, so keep going. We are almost there.


Here is your preview.


Jocelyn and Steve are in the process of trying to bring home their son, Jack, from China. He has spinal issues like Isaac had. Remember all that stuff I just said about surgery and paralysis and hard work and all I didn’t say about how absolutely trying that entire experience must have been, and all I didn’t say about how going through all of that would kick a normal person square in the ass? They want to do it all again. You know how sometimes, the Kardashians come on tv, but your remote is… way over there? Yup.



It has been a long, long process, but they are finally in the last stages. The urgency meter just got bumped way up, though, as some information has recently come to light that makes it very important to get Jack home sooner. Every day that he is in China, he is in danger. You can read more on Jocelyn’s blog, and you can also see a video she made about her family’s situation. Sharing the video, this blog post, or her blog, are very important/helpful/awesome. Donating is also very important/helpful/awesome. There is a potential here for some amazing karma, or at the very least, feeling like you did something good to help some people who really deserve it.



You can find Jocelyn’s blog, her video, and you can donate, here.



Every single dollar counts, but more dollars count more, so don’t be stingy. This little boy needs your help. Like, literally needs you to help him. I AM LOOKING AT YOU. Open your wallets. Every penny you donate goes directly to bringing Jack home.


Go to her blog. Post it on your Facebook. Tweet about it. Pin it on Pinterest. Write it on a bathroom stall. Whatever you can do, spread the word. If I can get all of my readers to turn into money-giving machines, I will probably become the favorite cousin. You guys know how much I love being a favorite. I’ll keep you guys posted, and will be dishing out a level of guilt that can only come from being raised Catholic.


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