I Thought Hormonal, Swollen, Nauseous Women Would Be More Friendly

I found out I was pregnant when I was just four weeks along. Long before it felt very “safe” to go telling the world that I was incubating a person. There were a couple close friends and family members I told, but that was it for many many many weeks. I didn’t really have any friends who were pregnant, and no close friends who had children, so I was in search of some women I could talk to that were in roughly the same boat. Some women I could support and get support from. Just a nice community of pregnant ladies.














I was going to post a big ol’ paragraph I wrote about the ladies I have encountered on the Bump.

Then I erased it and replaced it with this.

3 thoughts on “I Thought Hormonal, Swollen, Nauseous Women Would Be More Friendly

  1. I’m sorry, I know this is a really old post of yours, but I just discovered your blog, and I LOVE IT. I just had to say that. You seriously need to watch out for those bitches on birth board forums – they will eat you (and your fetus) alive.

    You can read my blog if you’d like, but it might make you cry here and there. And I know you are pregnant and do your fair share of crying already, so be forewarned. When I read your blog, I totally laugh, so thank you.

    I may start using the words “motherbucket” and “dickery” and completely pretend like they are my original invention. And you will never know that I stole it from you because we don’t have the same circle of friends and it won’t get back to you. Except that I guess I just confessed it to you here. Oh well.

    Again, LOVE what you write, thank you for brightening my day.


    1. I started checking out your blog. So many hugs to you, mama. I really hope everything works out for you.

      Glad I can provide some smiles. And you’re welcome to use my swears. They’re too beautiful not to share.

      And yes. Screw those whores. Yeesh.

  2. Nice pregnant ladies? Yeah, that’s one thing I’ve learned about ‘Mommyhood’ – it turns people into evil blood-sucking cows. I never encountered so many bullies in high school – they’re all on Mommy forums… Love your blog though – honesty and frankness is so refreshing!

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