I’m Going to Write Things.

I’m a lady named Sara who does not tend to act like a lady. I started this blog two years ago, then a little thing called college happened and I stopped updating. I decided to wipe this thing clean and start over because I like the name of the blog and couldn’t think of a new one.

What do I like? Making things. Food, objects, noises. I haven’t done much of any of those, except I guess noises, for a bit of a while of time, because I recently made a brand new fetus. My husband helped a little bit. That was about three months ago, and the tiny human has recently stopped being a complete jerk and is letting me not feel like a flu-ridden slug most hours of the day. However, I still had to wrap my head in a scarf to keep from smelling the chicken corn chowder I promised to make said husband (he is a man named Adam). Cream corn smells and chicken smells are right up there with worst smells of my life of the past three months right now.

Even though I am a baby oven at the moment and will soon have an actual baby in my life, I would like to write about things besides babies and maternity pillows and other related but not always relatable things. Do you like cats? I like cats sometimes. I have two. Do you like dogs? I like dogs sometimes. But only enough to have one. Do you like beer? Lets be friends. I miss beer, I like it all the time, and I’m excited to drink nine again soon. Do you like home things? I have a home, and I do things to it. Do you like reading your horoscope and taking it super seriously? We probably can’t be friends.

Well, I am glad we did this. Drink some beers for me. Cheers.


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